7 Day Praying Wife Challenge

Every now and again we need a little challenge to get us pointed back in the right direction. Over the next 7 days, we invite you to join in as we seek time for ourselves to quiet our spirit and hear from God. It is our prayer that within this week you will find a renewed sense of passion, purpose and hunger for God and a deeper desire to do His will.

We also invite you to feel free to post photos of your daily progress with the #prayingwifechallenge hashtag in the private Facebook group. May you be renewed & filled over these 7 days! 🙏🥳


Day 1

It’s DAY 1! Even now we cover our minds as we go through the next 7 days and we pray that God would reveal more of Himself to us and reveal to us His purpose for our lives, in Jesus name Amen! 🙏 #prayingwifechallenge

PRAYER: God, we thank you for the plans that you have for us! Thank you for always thinking of us in good and bad times. We ask for your continued guidance & wisdom to do to the things that you have called us to do as we go through life’s journey, in Jesus name, Amen!

Day 2

It’s DAY 2! Help us Lord to be grateful for the things that we have and to not complain about the things we don’t. You have blessed us abundantly with life & strength and we thank you for every gift you have given us! 🙏#prayingwifechallenge

PRAYER: 🙏Mighty God we ask for your hand to be upon our minds. Help us to transform our thinking to be more like you. May we think thoughts that are holy & pleasing and may we experience your peace over our minds in Jesus name! Amen! #prayingwifechallenge

Day 3

🙌We’re on Day 3!! I pray that you have enjoyed the walk from Day 1 and reflected on things you were grateful for on Day 2. Today, we will relax our bodies and pray for our spouses. Spend more time in your bathtub or your shower today and reflect on God’s love! #prayingwifechallenge🙏

PRAYER: 🙏Dear Lord, may you give us submissive hearts toward our husbands and may you guide & direct our husbands to love us as you love us and may you restore, revive and bless indeed our marriages now and forevermore in Jesus name, Amen! #prayingwifechallenge

Day 4

On this Day 4, Lord we thank you for health & strength! May we always remember that our help and provisions and everything we need comes from you! #prayingwifechallenge🙏

PRAYER: Thank you Heavenly Father that as I put my hope in you, you never fail me! Even in my weakness you are strong and you give me the strength that I need to continue on. I thank you & I praise you for being my hope and strength! 🙏#prayingwifechallenge

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