Episode 11 – I am That I Am


I Am That I Am
| By: Corain Cash – The Praying Wife

I am
Everything that you could ever need
Supplying the molecules in the very air that you breathe
Healing to your body even when you’ve been diagnosed,
Joy to your heart when it hurts the most
Peace in your mind in the midst of chaos
Silencing every storm and raging wind you may come across

I am
Strength to your bones when you’re tired and weak
The voice that says don’t give up, don’t quit, because I am with thee
The light unto your path, the traffic signal and GPS for your life,
Telling you when you should go, pause, stop, turn left and turn right

I am
With you when your friends turn away,
When family leaves you and others mistreat you
I am your defender and your protector
The one you can always turn to 

I am
Never going to leave you or abandon you
Assigning my angels to keep watch over you
Forming a hedge of protection around you
Walking alongside with you through any refining fire you may have to go through

I am
God and God alone
He who was and is and is to come who reigns on the throne
The everlasting King and ruler over all
Who created everything around you and who stands tall
Above everything you could imagine or anything you could think
Above every spirit, every stronghold and every principality

I am
Victory embodied because I cannot lose
Alpha & Omega, so I’ve been to the end and I can assure you
Every battle you may face, every trial that comes your way
They all have an expiration date because trouble cannot last always

I am
Yahweh, El Shaddai, Elohim
God Almighty, with all authority who reigns supreme
Creator of the heavens and the Earth,
The sky, the stars, the oceans, the entire universe
And even at creation, I knew you and had a plan for you before your mother had even given birth

I am
Love unconditional in ways you cannot even understand
Though you can’t see me, I am El Roi, the God who see you, & I uphold you with my right hand
I am Your comfort in the midst of sadness
Wrapping my arms around you and replacing your tears with gladness
Your hope for a bright future and an expected end,
Your lawyer, your confidant and your best friend

I am
Watching over you, as you go out and as you lay down
If you seek after me, wholeheartedly, I promise you I will be found
Waiting for you to surrender your doubts, worries & fears
Your plans, your stresses and all of your cares
Your desires, your faults, Your will, though it’s strong, 
Remember that in your own strength you can only go for so long

So here I am,
The I am that I am
With an open invitation to experience all of me that you can
If you would open your heart today, I promise I will guide you in the way of all truth, life and understanding
Without condemnation, judgment and with a love that is uncompromising, 

For sure, I am God, I am love and I am yours.

May you experience the fullness of joy that comes with knowing the I am that I am today. Know that He is never far away and He is calling out to you. Open your heart to receive from Him and make the intentional choice even now in this moment to commit or recommit your life to Him. It only takes a decision. If you would pray this simple prayer with me. Father, here I am, I acknowledge your greatness and that you are God.. I ask Father that you would forgive me of all of my sins, create in me a clean and a pure heart. I confess that Jesus is Lord. Come into my life and abide in me. This I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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2 years ago

So powerful and encouraging ro know we serve a God who ia everything we need when we trust Him. God bless you

2 years ago

Yes he is the greatest thing that ever happen in my life.
Thank you

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