I Just Need You

“I just need you.”

These are the words my 3-year-old daughter has said to me unceasingly over the past few weeks.  And it’s been for a myriad of reasons: a new boo-boo (that she herself caused), something she wants to show me, or something she wants to tell me.  Other times, she’s frustrated, or scared, or needs a hug.  But most times, it’s purely because it’s not enough for her to know that I’m nearby; she wants to be able to see me.  And she doesn’t care when she calls.  She is equally as likely to ‘need me’ at 3am as she might at 3pm.  (Ask me how I know.)

From the parent perspective, it’s frustrating sometimes trying to keep up with the demand.  But upon further reflection, I had to admit that, as a child, she has the right idea.  We who are children of the Lord should have the same mindset about our approach our Heavenly Father.  Too often, as we grow chronologically (and/or spiritually), we lose that child-like innocence and dependency.  We naturally learn to do things on our own, and inevitably squeeze God out without even noticing.  Sure, we may still seek Him for the ‘big’ things, but He wants to be involved in all areas [Prov. 3:6] and in all seasons of your life.

So take a page from my daughter’s current life manual and call on your Father.  Call Him when you need to speak with Him, to share your frustrations.  Call Him when you need to express your joy.  Call Him when you’ve caused your own hurt.  Call Him even if you don’t need to say anything, exactly, but you just want Him to be there.  He is waiting for you [Heb. 13:5], and if you engage Him, He will speak [Jer. 33:3].

You can start with: “I just need You…”

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