In God’s Time, Not yours!

God has been working on me & with me to help me understand about timing and how everything happens in a specific time and how there are specific times for specific things. The difficulty with this, in most cases, is the fact that we are not privy to God’s schedule. I’m a person who thrives on schedules and planners and I have a to do list by the half hour every day of what it is I need to get accomplished that day. It just helps me to be more productive. When we’re traveling anywhere, I have a binder that is equipped with the receipts for all the places we’ve booked and a 3-4 page itinerary that plans out the moment we leave the house right down to the time we stop for gas and check in to dinner time etc. That’s just me. I’m a planner and I have to have timetables and a plan to guide my day. So you can imagine that for me, when I don’t have direct access to or knowledge of the exact time and place and location of a destination that I have been purposed to get to, it can get a bit frustrating. 

Also, included in this frustration is the lack of understanding of why certain things happen. It’s the age old question we ask: why does bad stuff happen to good people or how can some outrageous things happen to innocent kids? These are questions that we sometimes just cannot answer. Things happen that just don’t make sense and sometimes, because we can’t answer it ourselves, we start to question God. Why God why? But even in His instructing me about how everything happens in its own time, He reminds me that I am the clay and He is the potter and as the potter he can build, he can shatter, he can mold and he can start over as he sees fit and how can we as the clay question him?

But we still question Him all the time don’t we? Because it’s in our human nature. We want to know every detail, understand the plan, put the pieces together and be able to dissect at will. But that’s not the way that this goes. It is not our responsibility to try to understand it all, it’s our responsibility to trust Him through it all. David was the king of this. We see him questioning things, all the time. But one thing he understood was the fact that he didn’t have to understand. He always ended his Psalm with some derivative of, yet I will trust in the Lord, yet my soul will praise the Lord.

We need to trust that He loves us, trust that He sees us, trust that He has a plan for us, trust that even in our past there is purpose, even in our pain there is hope and regardless of our present, He has an ordained future for us. 

Each and every one of us was created special; beautiful, because we were made in His image, talented because He gave us all gifts, (we all have something we’re good at), unique because no one else in the world has my fingerprint or looks exactly like me. And in our uniqueness, God loves us all and knows us all by name. Isn’t it amazing to think with almost 7 billion people in the world that God knows each one of us by name? 

He calls us by our name but even better when He calls us, He already knows the situation we’re in and He sees us wherever we are and even better than that, when He sees us, He sees us through the eyes of our purpose and not through the eyes of our present or our past. 

You see, when we see people, as humans, a lot of times, we see them as we remember them. We see them as the mistake(s) they made in life, we see them through past hurt, we see them through the eyes of their past. We also tend to see them in their present. We see them struggling and we label them as such. We see them living on the street homeless and that’s how we continue to see them. But God sees us through who He designed us and called us to be. 

I encourage you today to not let your past or your present define you. You may be in a situation or a place that you know God has more for you. You may have a past that you wouldn’t want anyone to see or judge you by. None of that matters to God. Your purpose is not controlled by your past. God cares for you and He loves you all the same and He sees you in the purpose He designed for you. Be honest with Him. Talk to Him about the fears you have, ask him to help you understand His timing. Abraham was honest with him, David spoke boldly to God about things that were happening in his life and the Bible refers to David as the man after God’s own heart. So trust God, take Him at His word and believe!

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