New Year, New Season


The scripture tells us No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. And I know that I love Him so I thank Him in advance for what He is going to do.

We are entering into a new season and it’s not just a new Season of the podcast though I am happy to be in Season 2, but we’re entering in a new season in which God is prepping and positioning us to receive and execute on some things He has called us to do. And so like other years, I hope that you have been in a habit of creating your Vision board and if you have not or have never created a vision board, I strongly strongly encourage you to grab a poster board, if you dont have that, grab a printing paper, if you dont have that jump on your computer and open a Google document or Microsoft word, if you dont have that, grab your phone and open up a notes app and if you dont have that grab a piece a paper anywhere you can find and a pen or pencil. Write down the things that are in your heart that you would like to accomplish this year. Show God your faith in action and do as we have been instructed to and that is to write the vision and make it plain so you can look at it everyday and continue to press on for it and not grow tired in your pursuit.

When you’re doing your vision board, I encourage you to think relational, as in relationships. Everything we do affects some type of a relationship. For example you may have some Spiritual goals – that affects your personal relationship with God; you may have some health goals or travel goals, that affects your relationship with yourself, you may have some goals to spend more time with the kids or improve the communication with you husband – that affects your relationship with your immediate family. You may have goals for your business whether it’s finally starting one or growing the current business you’ve started – that affects multiple relationships, both the relationship with yourself, relationship with your staff and the relationship with your family. It’s all centered around relationships and in this season, God is truly calling us all to have an even deeper personal relationship with Him. There are some places He wants to take you and some people you need to talk to, but we need to be directed by the Holy Spirit and have a keen ear open to hear what He is calling us to do in this season.

A lot of this is going to come from being intentional about growing this relationship. If you want to have a better marriage in 2022, it’s going to take some intentionality and some patience. You may have to bite your tongue on a few occasions. You may have to temper your anger a lot. You may have to be the first to apologize even in a situation where you don’t feel you need to apologize. It’s an intentionality toward improvement and that comes sometimes with sacrifice and obedience.  Yes I can imagine you’re always the one stuck being the bigger person, but if your desire is for improvement in some area, you’re going to have to put the work in whether it’s easy or tough. 

You know a lot of us ask for certain things that require tough decisions, that require us to step outside of our feelings at the moment and for some of us, we want the baby but we don’t want the labor. We want the paycheck without the job. Know that in this season, we’re going to have to have a mindset shift on the way we approach life.

You may say that you want to lose 20 pounds, 30 pounds, 40 pounds. But you refuse to give up that cheesecake or make excuses why there’s nothing wrong with eating that double filling chocolate cookie. You’re too tired after a long day to cook so Mcdonalds was conveniently on the way and you couldn’t resist that Big Mac. Listen to me in 2022, God is ready to do it if you’re ready to intentionally go through it. Put down that bowl of icecream and be intentional about what you want to see happen in your life. Start a diet plan, download a free calorie tracker app on your phone, look online for some free health resources that will help you discover new delicious healthy meals so you’re not starving yourself but you’re getting rid of unhealthy habits and diets. Remember that our bodies are a temple of the Lord so we must mind the things we’re ingesting physically.

Let’s say you want to read through the Bible in a year, this year. Great vision. Now let’s put some action steps behind that –  find a Bible in a year plan on an app that can remind you every single day to stay in your word and then tell a friend what you’re doing so you have an accountability partner. Pick a specific time each day that you will dedicate to reading your word and make it a standing meeting in your mind and your calendar and schedule things around it. Make time for the things of God. He desires more of us and in this year He wants to pour more on us. 

But it is our job to be intentional in our quest to seek after Him. And extend that same intentionality with the vision that God has placed on our hearts. Remember that your vision board and your goals are only as good as the intentional actions that are put behind him to put them in motion. So I would encourage you, after you write your vision board and your goals, develop an action plan for each of them and put dates & deadlines to them. Challenge yourself this year to do it and more importantly, do it with God!

May our cups run over this year and in this new season. May we seek the face of God like never before. Even before you put pen to paper you should be asking Him what it is He requires of you at this time. Where is He taking you in 2022? May He also change our desires to be in line with His desires. Even in this moment I pray and thank God for each and every one of you. I pronounce a special blessing over you and your household and that God’s favor will surround you and His love for you will shine as bright as His glory that covers you in this new year. May God be our desire and may He fulfill His agenda through us, here on Earth, in Jesus mighty name I pray Amen.

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