Confessions of a husband

SO I recently sat down with my husband and we had an interesting discussion. It’s amazing how we can go weeks, months or even years without having a heart to heart talk with our spouses. Life just kind of goes on and on and our everyday to-do lists become the routine and as we add kids to the mix, the focus seems to shift… a lot. We hardly find time to just sit and share thoughts, dreams, goals and more importantly, issues with our spouse. Well, this was our time.

Oh and disclaimer, I completely got the approval of my husband before sharing this information 🙂

Let The Confessions Begin:

  • Stress: We’re on lock-down, he’s working from home, I’m working from home and we have 3 young kids. They need to be monitored with school work, entertained, fed and made to feel loved, appreciated and not ignored. Yes it is taking a toll on us both. He felt as though I was a bit “strict” on quiet times during work hours considering we’re all in the same house. I realized that he was right but that’s hard for me to turn off due to the nature of my work. So we talked about ways we could get around that.
  • Intimacy: Come on… there’s a lot going on now, all the time. And like I said in #1, we have 3 kids that need tending to ALL DAY long. So I can see the issue here. Let’s just skip along and say that we’re definitely going to make some improvements in this area 🙂
  • Balancing Work & Home Life: With us both working from home, me for at least 10 hours a day, by the time work has “ended”, we barely have time for us or kids before it’s time to go to bed and start the day all over again. My husband’s starting to feel like I’m married to my job. Taking a step back, I can see how this can appear to him, especially now, since I’m technically home but not technically available for those 10 hours.
  • Uncertainty: Not knowing what’s going to happen next week or next month is concerning. And the entire social distancing brings a new level of considerations. We can’t plan family trips or date nights or visits to our family in the Bahamas. We’re really finding ourselves taking it day by day with planning limited to the next day.
  • Appreciation: He thanked me for the extra work done around the house and I did the same, both noting that we are both trying to make it easier on the next person to keep a calm and organized house.
  • Love: Above all else, our love is still stronger than ever. He still loves me through it all and I still love him. Even more now that we’re all stuck together and having to deal with each other on a constant basis.

I love having a husband I can talk to about life and issues without arguing. We may have times where it may get a bit heated based on the discussion but we know each other’s boundaries. It was a good talk and we plan to have one of these at the beginning of each month or maybe even more often. It’s so important and I encourage you guys to have your confession session as well!

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