The Power of Intercession for Your Husband

As wives, we have a unique and powerful role to play in our husbands’ lives. One of the most effective ways we can support and bless our husbands is through intercession – praying for them and on their behalf. In this post, we’ll explore the transformative power of intercession and how it can impact our marriages and our husbands’ lives.

What is Intercession?

Intercession is the act of praying for someone else, asking God to intervene and work in their life. When we intercede for our husbands, we’re not just praying for their physical or material needs; we’re praying for their spiritual growth, their relationship with God, and their well-being.

Why Intercede for Your Husband?

Intercession is a powerful way to:

  • Support your husband’s spiritual growth: Pray for his relationship with God, his faith, and his spiritual strength.
  • Cover him in prayer: Ask God to protect, guide, and bless your husband in all areas of his life.
  • See transformation: Intercession can bring about real change and growth in your husband’s life, and in your marriage.

How to Intercede for Your Husband

Intercession is not a formula or a ritual; it’s a heartfelt, sincere prayer. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Start with gratitude: Thank God for your husband and the blessings he brings to your life.
  • Be specific: Pray for specific areas of your husband’s life, such as his work, his relationships, or his struggles.
  • Use Scripture: Use Bible verses and promises to guide your prayers and claim God’s blessings.
  • Be consistent: Make intercession a regular part of your prayer routine.

The Impact of Intercession

Intercession can have a profound impact on your husband’s life and your marriage. It can:

  • Strengthen your relationship: Intercession can bring you closer to your husband and to God.
  • Bring peace and hope: Intercession can bring peace and hope to your marriage, even in difficult times.
  • See God’s power at work: Intercession can help you see God’s power and grace at work in your husband’s life.



Intercession is a powerful tool in our role as wives. By praying for our husbands and on their behalf, we can support their spiritual growth, cover them in prayer, and see transformation in their lives and in our marriages. Let’s commit to interceding for our husbands, trusting in God’s power and love to bring about real change and growth.

How has intercession impacted your marriage or your husband’s life? Share your stories and experiences in the comments below!

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